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Born and brought up in the humble city of Bhopal, India, I have always found my happiness in nature and its details, which made me realise, acknowledge and believe that God does lie in it. My second initiation happened at my alma-mater, National Institute of Design. Academically I pursued Product Design here, but was graced by all forms of Design which made me sensitive and observant to the aesthetics of life. Over the past few years, I have come to discover myself as a traveller who loves to capture moments, faces, events and almost anything and everything that I can. My thirst for exploration has led me to places and to the realisation of the world which is still unknown to me. My interest in Innovative and Disruptive product design has emerged from the fact that I have always loved to engage with products physically, mentally and emotionally. This has always helped me in understanding what exists and what is still required


2nd Price in Design Category in PACE annual forum organised by General Motors ,Autodesk, Siemens , HP etc at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA for STAG - Portable Assistive Mobility Device for AHmedabad 2030



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