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Inventive creative director and strong designer with a relentless drive for the creative solution. Driven equally by strategy and compelling design, while inspiring the same in others. Creative Director | Senior Graphic Designer Email: ravensongd@gmail.com I fell in love with design, branding and communications 20 years ago when our foxhunt needed a new website, marketing materials and help building its brand in our community. Since that time I evolved into a corporate communication and branding expert who develops corporate brands, establishes usage guidelines and creates strategies to drive and grow brand awareness across all visual mediums. With extensive design experience ranging across print to digital, I deliver effective, engaging visual assets starting from the spark of an idea through to execution. CORE COMPETENCIES ● Developing and executing strategic, branded marketing/communications plans ● Excellent interpersonal, communication and collaboration capabilities ● Outstanding project and time management skills ● Exceptional use of layout and typography nuances ● Adobe Creative Suite expert (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver) ● Website | UX designer: write technical requirements, wireframing, CSS, HTML, WordPress ● Strong coach and team builder, with focus on mentoring new designers CAREER HIGHLIGHTS ● Supported a $1.3B sales growth with creation and implementation of a national brand strategy across all communications, advertising and marketing materials. ● 35% growth in market exposure over previous year by identifying efficient marketing opportunities and more effectively utilizing national advertising budget. ● 28% growth in new customer sign-ups over previous year by evaluating the impact of marketing campaigns and developing innovative programs to further expand market penetration. Please contact me at ravensongd@gmail.com with any Creative Director, Senior Graphic Design or Corporate Branding and Communication opportunities.

Experience & Education