SizeChina . Male scan subject .Lanzhou 2006 - This anthropometric study has created the first-ever digital database of Chinese head and face shapes, permitting revolutionary developments in wide range of products for the Asian market.Before SizeChina, all ergonomic data available for designers focused on the body shapes of Western populations. Helmets, hygienic facemasks and eyeglasses designed from Western data simply do not fit the needs of Chinese users. SizeChina physical models and data sets will solve that problem
Skycap Snowboard helmet - Winner IDSA 1998 Silver Medal Best New Product. This is the first helmet specifically designed for snowboarders. A design classic, the Skycap created a new category for accessories in the fastest growing winter sports market.
Concept II Hockey Faceshield - Concept II’s correct impact polycarbonate faceshield is the industry standard for optics, durability and lightweight protection. Over 1 million units sold over last 15 years
Powerchair - This power wheelchair utilizes a lightweight aluminium extrusion for quick attachment of an extensive variety of custom seating and control devices.
sketch - MT-1 Boardercross concept
Roger Ball
Professor Hong Kong, Hong Kong