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To make visually appealing screens so as to entice the user to try out different functions is an ordeal in itself, and to keep the user involved for a couple of hours on the same screen is an art again. It takes a powerful combination of visual hierarchy and intelligence to lead the user through the information or content that is available to him and presented in such a way that it is easily absorbed and remembered when required to navigate through the rest of the screens. For me designing is a passion, whether interaction design or just visual impact. The main idea is to keep the screens simple, allowing the user to get to the product, in minimal clicks and exit with a satisfaction.


• Silver and Gold Advertising Club Awards for best website and best integrated campaign ARG (3 idiots)-2009 • Silver and Bronze : FICCI BAF for best corporate Branding Zapak-2009 • Silver and Bronze: IDMA for Paddle Pop website and Axe innovative solutions-2010 • Gold, Silver and Bronze- Campaign India DMA for best website BKB, integrated campaign Pepsi and Mahindra game-2011


IXDA member

Experience & Education