Rewaq Journal

Rewaq Journal
History and Heritage Journal was designed for HBM Historical Center, Qatar
HBM Historical Center was established in 1997 at the initiative of His Excellence Sheik Hassan Bin Mohamed Al Thani, under a cultural project that provides academic support to historical research and studies related to the history of Qatar and Arabia (specialized expertise house).
Rewaq, a biannual journal, aims at enriching cultural and scientific life by inviting the concerned leading scholars and researchers to contribute so as to be a window of intellectual communication between generations and the West.
Journal was designed incorporating the Masthead in English and Arabic along with internal grid structure of the publication.

Design Director and Designer: Rehan Saiyed, Storm Worldwide
Awards: The project is awarded Platinum at 46th Creativity International Awards, USA, under Publication category

Freelance, Full-time
Rehan Saiyed
Customer and Brand Experience Designer Melbourne, Australia