Program Logo - This was a proposed logo of several options. Committee ruled and went with a lesser appealing option.
Maine Winery Guild - Identity for consortium of wine and spirit makers in the state of Maine. Hence the state coastline as the splashing wine as it is poured into the tasting glass.
Company Identity - Identity for a company dealing with consulting and leadership development particularly with non-profit organizations.
Company Identity - Proposed Identity for a food manufacturer.
Brookville Logo - Logo for Community Development Award
Publishing Series Logo - Identity for a series of books for "little readers". Books were constructed for small hands: square in format with heavy-ply board.
Company Identity - Identity of a firm that works as a marketing cooperative. Each member brings their set of skills to the table to pool resources and brain power for the good of the client.
Antique Mall Identity - Proposed Identity for an Antique Mall. The idea being objects having a second life- reborn out of the ashes like a phoenix.
Farmers Fare - This is the identity for an upstart company that works in cooperation with local farmers to bring fresh produce to a central market.
Frogman Classic Logo - Logo for annual badminton competition
Publishing Icon - This was used as a teacher's edition textbook icon. It signaled sections of text where child partnered with other classmates to learn together.
Branding & Logos

Identity for Building rehab and rental company.

Richard Reitz Smith
Freelance Designer, Illustrator, Artist Camden, ME