Event Invitation, Menu and Promotional CD
Salt Bay Chamberfest 2012 Concert Program
Newsletter Cover and Spreads - Large format newsletter, 11 x 17 inches, showcases the sparkling wines and the Mendocino County winery.
GrowSmart Maine 2012 Synposium Promotional Poster, Brochure & Postcard
Event invitation - Invitation to a 40-year anniversary celebration of Champagne Krug's winemaker who started in the 1960's and has worked his craft through the 70's, 80's and 90's.
Event invitation and Menu
Invitation on Holographic Paper - Party invitation on holographic paper. A mysterious masked figure emerges through the textural darkness. It is the ghost of Madame Clicquot inviting guests to her annual halloween gala.
Wine Event Invitation, Menu and Tasting Notes
Calendar and Posters - A promotional system of posters and a calendar for a non-profit arts organization bringing live music and entertainment to coastal Maine.
Print Advertisement - String Quartet promotional plays with the sizes and relationships of the four instruments working together.
Pottery Gift Set and Brochure
Promotional Brochure
Graphic Design
Richard Reitz Smith
Freelance Designer, Illustrator, Artist Camden, ME