"Frozen - Layers #4" - Gelatin Slab monoprint from a series titled "Frozen" Part of a group exhibition at Green Mountain College on view from Oct 19 thru mid-Nov
"Rattled and Dappled" Triptych, Gelatin-slab print.
Frozen series- "First Frost" Gelatin-slab Print Triptych
"Emerging-Revealed" sequenced Gelatin-slab print series
Cy - Lithography Touche
Island - Lithography
"Penobscot Bay, Maine" 2012, Ferric Chloride Etching - Sepia ink
"Meandering Stream," - Ferric Chloride etching
Round Pond Shoreline, Maine - dry point etching
Vista from Hill - Drypoint etching
Vista as Triptych - Drypoint etching
"The Cornfield" 2013 Linocut print
Along the Way - Wood Engraving
Over the Next Hill - Wood Engraving
Leaves in a Puddle - Gelatin Print
Surface Tension–Leaf on Puddle - Gelatin Print
Frozen Tidal Pool - Gelatin Print
Richard Reitz Smith
Freelance Designer, Illustrator, Artist Camden, ME