I am a Williamston, North Carolina-based advertising, corporate and editorial photographer. At age Eleven, I got my first camera. I found out that I enjoyed taking photos of people. At age Twenty-three I went to a local photography studio. I applied for a job and I didn't get the job. The photographer became my mentor. He taught me some of the basic stuff about posing, exposure triangle and more. I continue to innovate and re-invent my style. I enjoy reading and learning technique, that I can offer my clients. I spend a lot of time learning photography, programming, graphic design and more. My images have been featured in Magazines, Recording Artist Promotional Material, Product Displays and more. I continue to innovate and reinvent our creative style. My Mission is to help my clients portray themselves in the best light. For inquiries, booking, prints, or collaboration, please contact me www.renaldocreative.com/contact


The Duskspot Football Photo Competition (1st Place)

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