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Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary | Rebranding (hypothetical) - Teaser Press advertisements | Phase I
5 columns X 5cm, 1 column X 25cm
Digital (CorelDraw)

A hypothetical project, to renew interest in the forgotten bird sanctuary. These
ads appear on different pages in the same newspaper to arouse people’s interest.
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary | Rebranding - Magazine advertisements | Phase II
Full Spread
Digital (Photoshop work on pictures from www.indexstock.com)

Appearing in various wildlife, general and corporate magazines, these
advertisements illustrate the various facilities at the sanctuary.
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary | Rebranding - Poster | Phase III
18” X 12”
Digital (Illustrator drawing on pictures from www.indexstock.com)

Targetting school children, presenting the sanctuary as a fun place to be at.
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary | Rebranding - T-Shirt Design | Phase III
Digital (CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop)

Targetting school children, presenting the sanctuary as a cool place to be at.
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Rohini Gosain
UX/Visual Designer Dublin, Ireland