Survival of the Fittest | Card Game for children - A6 Pen and ink, water color, poster color, crayons, digital Concept: To make learning the food chain a more enjoyable experience, a card game where each card is the story of a creature - its likes (prey), dislikes (predators), best friends (pack, social behaviour), special characteristics, strengths and weaknesses (helps player assess its survival against competitor).
The Man Who Did Not Move for Three Hours - Studies of models from life.
Sitar Maestro Pt Ravi Shankar - Pen and ink study of the famous Sitar maestro Pt Ravi Shanker.
Shells - Color pencil rendering of a study from life of a group of shells.
Wine and glasses - Study from life in color pencil.
The Man Who Stood for Hours - Study from life
Aim by Rohini Gosain | Visual Narrative - Visual Narrative | Book Design Water color, poster color, ink and reed, soft pastel, oil pastel, photo color, color pencil, pen and ink, Adobe Illustrator A story written and illustrated by me about a matchstick. Was an experiment in exploring the continuity within a visual narrative while using a different medium for each page.
Quick Study - 6B on newsprint sheet, 1/2 imperial A quick study from life trying to capture the essence of the character alongwith the mood.
Drawing and Illustration
Rohini Gosain
UX/Visual Designer Dublin, Ireland