World Aids Day - The poster depicts the rejection meted out to Aids patients by society and encourages people to reach out to them. Won first position in a poster design competition organized by NATCO for World Aids Day.
Cartier Show Card - Painted using black and white poster color only on choksey board. The background is spray painted using again black and white poster color.
Adobe India Dev Summit Posters - A set of three posters designed for the countdown to the Developer's Summit being organized at Adobe Systems, India in 2006.
Amdavad - Poster Design | Adobe Illustrator 'Amdavad' is a visual metaphor for the city of Ahmedabad, using the animal cell to illustrate the organic spread of the city, spiraling out from the nucleus - the Old City, with twelve gates that form a nuclear membrane. The old city is divided into various areas selling goods unique to them like textile, bangles, kites and so on. The figures are 'chaiwallahs' constantly on the move selling 'chai' or tea to pedestrians and very characteristic of the place.
Rohini Gosain
UX/Visual Designer Dublin, Ireland