Waste-Age | Book Design - A book that started as a culmination of various thoughts on 'wastage'. A lot of the issues turned out to be cyclic in nature that inspired the structure of the book. All the pages of a chapter are connected in the form of links thus one can unfold and view an entire chapter in one go.
ecoBudget | Technical Manual Design - A5 | Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign Designed a technical book (and cover) on the budgeting of our natural resources for ICLEI South Asia. Printed and published in India and Europe.
N.O.W. Magazine | Monthly Delhi University Students Magazine - Designed the layout and cover for the first issue of N.O.W. magazine. The publication is a student's initiative and contains information about current affairs, trends, career, sports, music, books and other topics of interest to the college going youth.
Publication Design
Rohini Gosain
UX/Visual Designer Dublin, Ireland