Alpac Elem. Walkathon cartoon logo - This logo was screenprinted on a variety of promotional items from sweatshirts to frisbees.
Sonseeker Safari logo design - I created this logo for a Vacation Bible School program. I also fully illustrated and animated a series of short cartoons to present to the children weekly, based on the VBS script.
Magazine logo concept - Logo design concepts
Magazine logo concept - Logo design concepts
WaterZone logo for Freedom Fest
Magazine logo design - Logo design
Pop Smart! Illustration - Kids illustration created for Orting Primary School
Blastoff! - Stock illustration created as inChrist design.
Clubhouse Magazine Illo - Concept for an email marketing campaign for Focus on the Family's Clubhouse and Clubhouse Jr. magazines.
Frog Prince illustration
Space Scene - Somewhere, beyond the stars, a lone spaceman plants a flag on a yellow moon. This originally would have graced the coffee tumblers of "star-stricken young bucks" around the Northwest, but it never made it past the creative director...
Newer colored line-art style.
Route 66 Kids Menu - Coloring page for Route 66 Pizza's Kids Menu
Children's Design

Children friendly design and illustration

Freelance, Full-time
Rob Christianson
Art Director & Illustrator Seattle, WA