CAAM - California Bound

Los Angeles, CA • opened 2018

"California Bound: Slavery on the New Frontier, 1848–1865" examines California’s under-recognized involvement with slavery in the 19th century. With powerful photographs, historical documents and objects, the exhibit illuminates the state’s struggles over enslavement in an era that encompassed two wars and the establishment of California, first as a territory and then a state.

The exhibition highlights major historical events and untold stories of those impacted. It considers how the state’s vacillation on enslavement produced ripple effects in America’s political structures that are still being felt today. The design of the exhibit provides space to focus on the human impact of slavery in California, on the people enslaved.

Red Cape Studio was hired to design the physical layout and structures for the exhibition.

Photographer: Brian Forrest

Robert Creighton
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA