LA NHM - Paleo Play Zone

LA Natural History Museum
Los Angeles, CA • opened 2017

The Paleo Play Zone provides a hands-on, interactive way for visitors to explore and build upon content introduced in the Dinosaur Hall. The paleo interactives expand upon the hands on activities included elsewhere in the Discovery Center.

A large dig pit allows visitors to experience a site excavation which is at the heart of the process of Paleontology. Paleontologists must find evidence in order to make observations.

Fossil puzzles and silhouettes ask visitors to look closer and identify bits of important evidence hidden in dirt and rock. Not all fossils are large, intact bones. Small “microfossils” are an important piece in developing a more detailed picture of what Earth looked like in the past and who lived there.

Drawing stations allow visitors to ask questions about what dinosaurs and their world were like. Paleontologists search for evidence (fossils) all over the world to help answer these questions.

Robert Creighton
Industrial Designer Los Angeles, CA