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For 28 years, I've created superior value propositions for consumer products companies via new product development activities including opportunity identification, people and project management, and creative problem solving with a close link to manufacturing, marketing, retail, sales and global sourcing. I help companies understand their customers and markets better to beat their competition and deliver superior products and services while driving down costs. The Results? Increasing topline revenue growth while improving internal processes to drive down costs while maintaining quality, delivering increased bottom line profits. Adaptable, passionate, strategic thinker with strong technical and analytic skills. Dynamic communicator and team leader. Diverse and progressive experience with a focus on understanding all stakeholders including the customer, as well as discovering opportunities, solving problems and creating value with inventive, profitable solutions. Specialties: > Opportunity Identification > Competitive Analysis > Workflow Streamlining > Quality Improvement > Relationship Building > Team Leadership > Project Management > Design Management > Sales & Business Development > Merchandising & Line-building > Industrial Design > User-Centered Design > Ergonomics > Footwear design and development > Sourcing and Costing

Experience & Education