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I am a graduate from the University of Toronto and the Ontario College of Art. I have been working in design using computer technology since 1985. My larger goal is to create intuitive educational tools to aid in the integration between abstract/synthetic worlds (VR/AR) and the real world. In Feb 2008, I established The Eduverse Foundation ( to promote virtual environments for educational purposes. The Eduverse has had 3 symposia, initiated the "emocracy" project and the MEP (which looks to use SimCity as a mobile phone based educational platform), presented at the ibc, AR+RFID (The Hague), IDIAP and the Waag Society, acted as virtual educational consultant to surfnet and kennisnet, been involved with TEDxAmsterdam, The AMI consortium, FITC Amsterdam, Picnic, FiFi, Cinekid, Appsterdam and ESUG. I have also taught virtual world strategies to educators from various universities in The Netherlands as well as setting up the University of Maastricht's virtual design environment. My client list has included The ING Bank, IBM, NASA and Microsoft. I have also developed software entitled The Visual Sound System (VSS) to help teach people to read and play music more intuitively. An example can be seen here: (under my virtual name: OllieKubrick1) another variation on this idea can be seen here: I am also experienced in using laser cutters, 3D printers and other technologies to develop inexpensive educational games and toys made out of recycled cardboard. The uses are myriad but one of the prime goals is to help bring cheap educational tools to developed and developing countries.

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