Hi, I’m Rohit. I’m a full time UX Designer and a hobby Photographer. I love colors, majorly Blue. It energizes my thought brain cells. I look at an object or a view and frame it as a photograph in my mind, trying to figure out how best this can be framed, how best it can be made meaningful. I observe the human mannerisms, how they react to all kinds of situations or how they handle them. What they actually mean by what they say. I put forward few mannerisms to see how people they react, some have a question face, some just don’t react and some get offended. Why? All this comes to the one single need of my career. User Experience. UX I understand is not about layouts, elements, colors, text, alignments, size, shapes or patterns but, it’s a methodology, it’s about all of these when combined to give you an effective User Experience that can trigger an emotion in you that you’ll love and be effectively useful.


Osmania University

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