嗨, 我是入源。   一个有强烈求知欲和专业热情的工业设计师。   我热爱设计,对每一个项目都充满好奇和渴望,想象力是我最重要的武器。我好问,并懂得积累和总结。始终保持积极乐观的态度处理复杂的问题,探索问题的根源和有效的解决办法。除了内心是个小屁孩以外,我还很理性,现实,并且有责任。   简而言之: 我是一个由内心兴趣驱动的积极向上的设计师。   我的强项: 创意与可视化表达 Hi there, I’m Alan. A young industrial designer with a strong eagerness to learn and a great enthusiasm for my profession. I like to approach each design project with a youthful exuberance healthy dose of curiosity, creativity, imagination and most importantly questioning. maintaining an open mind when exploring the fundamental underlying issues of a design problem and considering a wide range of potential solutions before converging to a certain design proposal. In addition to the big inner child. I’m also very practical, realistic and responsible. In brief: I’m a creative team player with a structured approach driven towards results. My strengths: empathizing, Ideation, visualization and practical realization.


red-dot final list 2012

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