I'm Sachinder Singh, a 2D, 3D & Digital Designer. I have been a part of the Graphics design industry for quite a few years now. From basic idea to actual product, I can join a project at any stage. My knowledge and creative abilities can be used in any form and at any point. Graphic Design is incomplete without technical production knowledge. My 10 years of experience in the Design Industry has helped me become technically skilled as well. During this time not only have I given shape to my creative ideas through digital graphics, but also I have complete knowledge of Print and Digital media production processes. I have worked with some of the best companies in Print, E-com and Events. I believe that behind each successful product there needs to be a strong collaboration between the designer and the client. They must work as a team. As such, I guarantee your ideas will be heard, respected and discussed, and, if necessary, challenged and improved. By taking the time to listen to your needs and understand your goals, working together can be a stress free experience. I've enjoyed working with clients of all sizes and profiles. So if you have any particular interesting project - or if you'd just like to say Hello...drop me an email via the contact details below. sachindersingh@gmail.com

Experience & Education