I am currently studying in my final year of a BSc in product design, which means i haven't been let loose on the world of design just yet, but i am most certainly looking for oppurtunities to sink my teeth into. However here is a snippet of what I have accomplished so far: - I have represented myself and my university on national radio. - I am in the progress of creating an app to reduce food waste in the home - I have designed and created a unique Bicycle wheel prototype - I successfully completed an internship at a US based global industry leader in trade-show display design. ----------------------------------- Know your strengths: I feel that knowing yourself has intrinsic value when it comes to growing as a designer, and as a person, so here's what I know about myself: -: I am an activator, because I believe action is the best device for learning. -: I am positive, because enthusiasm is contagious. -: I thrive in ideation, because I am fascinated by ideas. -: Adaptability is a key quality of mine because I am not afraid of unforeseen detours. -: I am a learner, simply because I love to learn. It is through the media of design and these qualities I posses, that I want to make a difference... ----------------------------------- I really aspire to improve our world through design, and to work with many talented people. So if you have an idea you want to explore, or feel like you want me on your side, please don't hesitate to contact me at: srpdonaldson@gmail.com


-Appearance on a live BBC Radio -Charity Fundraiser for special Olympics Minnesota -Sandown Sixth Form Tutors Award 2011



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