• I have 12 years experience working in multi-sector product design consultancies and an award winning, highly ambitious internal design department. I combine great creativity with first-hand mass-manufacturing and management experience. • A Red Dot and European Product Design award winner, I work to a fantastic mix of consultancy-creativity and can-do attitude combined and an in-depth awareness of design for manufacture and the levels of communication and prototyping to drive products from concept to realisation. • I've spoken to Design students as part of Coventry University's Visiting Lecturer programme and conducted a portfolio review to year 3 students. • Do get in touch to discuss how I can support your NPD programme.


Zyliss Multi-Prep Mandoline honor date Mar 2017 honor issuer European Product Design Award. Home Interior Products / Kitchen Accessories/Tabletop honor descriptionI Design Managed the project after @DKB Household UK Ltd commissioned Sanders Product Design & Branding to execute the design work. The outcome is the first Mandoline to combine both class-leading performance and great UX. Red Dot award: Product Design honor date 2016 honor issuer Red Dot honor descriptionThis dishwasher-safe salad spinner with AquaVent technology delivers improved salad washing and drying performance. Swift Dry features an innovative basket. Its slanted internal vents increase the surface area while their specific angles enhance water removal when spinning. A series of vents in the internal lid surface act to improve airflow into the basket. The salad spinner is driven with a push handle and stopped with a simple push brake. Statement by the jury... "This salad spinner owes its high utility value to a stringent implementation of a formally and functionally consistent design concept".

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