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basquetball hi shoes
hard plastic armour adapted for Reebok´s zig sole and pump system.
the shape of the plastic armour protects the feet and at the same time it´s very flexible. in the top of this armour the shape of lines goes in zig-zag, and this permit the expansion of this armour despite the hard plastic. this shoe is laceless.
casual / skate shoe. the innovation is in the eyelet which because of its shape, it allows the lace and velcro strap be pass through it.
inspired by a fishing net, and trying to find a new way to adjust the shoe, I created this new way that 4 different laces are linked each other forming a net which one distribute better the adjustment made by the top lace all over the upper.
adidas basketball shoes, inspired by lamborghini sesto elemento
this concept was though to be made by modules inspired in the above images. these modules are hard plastic which protect the foot and the flexibility is given by the "linkers" which are stretchable, so that, this footwear adapt its shape to different feet. this footwear was though to be made in just one piece by 3D printing or maybe injection.
this concept was thought from the above image.
the surface that is covering all over the foot is a semi-hard plastic that protect the foot and because its shape it is flexible as well. the textile upper wasn't finished, but the main idea goes around the plastic hardware.
sneaker based on Kd7. slip-on with extra padded collar, hard frame all around in the below of upper that in the toe area it offers an extra protection.
adidas slip-on hi sneaker, with velcro strap, plastic eyelet row piece and a redesign of L.A.Trainer sole.
Adidas leather slip-on with stretcheable material in the instep area, and a redesigned L.A.Trainer sole.
casual knit shoes
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hard plastic armour adapted for Reebok´s zig sole and pump system

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Freelance, Full-time
Sang Bum Cho
Senior Footwear Designer and Developer / Footwear Design Professor Elche, Spain