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A bit about me… I’m a UI&UX Designer based in singapore. I enjoy crafting simple and beautiful design for the web. Clear understanding of research based principles of designing interactions from the perspective of the end user. User Interface Designer with a passion for designing beautiful and functional user experiences. Minimalist who believes that less is more. UX design / Information architect (IA) User centred design (UCD) User testing Interaction design Accessibility Visual design


Best News Website Award 2010 Category: Press & Media 01. Nominee on CSS Winner 02. Nominee on CSS Garden 03. Featured on Neue CSS 04. Featured on Beautiful WordPress 05. Featured on CSS Players 06. Featured on FolioFocus 07. Featured on Brand Idols 08. Nominee on CSS Lounge 09. Featured on Dzinemart 10. Featured on Best CSS Design


Meinhardt Group - Singapore

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