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I am Sherry An, who grew up in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. My life is full of tactile experiences. I love to use my own hands to participate in every single step of my design process from picking wood from lumber yards, working in woodshops or experimenting different materials. I see furniture design as an opportunity of interactions and relationship building. A lot of joyful moments happen around the furniture we interact with. It could be a family quality time, or just simply reading a meaningful book yourself in a lovely afternoon. There is no right answer for any relationship, but we can always make it better, and this is how I start with my design. There is nothing so wrong that I need to definitely design something to change the world, but with my sense of aesthetic and materials, I would love to give some different perspectives.


2010 Young Designer Exhibition Competition in Taiwan, “SEPARATION” 2010 iF concept award pre-selection 300, “ROTATION” 2009 Excellent Design Collection, “ROTATION”

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