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"Shitty Image's enigmatic photographs are simultaneously raw and iconic . . . a subtle tension of mutually exclusive opposites. The dirty and the raw coexist with the sublime and the transcendent" Rather than stage elaborate sets I prefer simplicity, improvisation, and touching upon archetypes in a suggestive context. Spontaneity, experimentation, and fluidity is encouraged over rigid control of my subject. Im all digital and work with photoshop--generally for image enhancement and not image manufacturing (introducing new elements to a picture), The world is my canvas and I prefer natural lighting but I do have a studio by the beach that gives good location. Introducing collectors and galleries to my work will entitle you to finders fees and a place in art photographers heaven (or hell if youre looking at things upside down). Feel free to contact me with any project ideas, work commentary or existential crises you may have. Deme Shitty Image Photography shittyimage@hotmail.com

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