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As a seasoned independent design consultant, I enable emerging and established companies to transform concepts into consumer-driven products. With over two decades of experience working for leading brands and design consultancies - as a consultant and in-house. I offer clients guidance and support from design to delivery. Over the last five years I have provided strategic direction and design counsel to Samuel Hubbard Shoes - including footwear design and development, branding, graphics, fit testing, as well as trend research. I also conducted a dozen trips on behalf of Hubbard Shoes to factories in Europe. AWARDS - In collaboration with friends, designers, engineers, and clients I have won awards from Red Dot, the Industrial Design Society of America, Price Pfister, and the Oregon Manifest. MEDIA - My creative and innovative designs have been featured on CNN nationwide and local Fox News, published in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Co., ID Magazine, the LA Times, and The Portland Tribune. CLIENTS - Keen Footwear, Danner Footwear, Samuel Hubbard Shoes, Chrome Industries, Swiss Gear, Superfeet, Wenger, to name a few.


Oregon Manifest 2011: Second Prize for my utility bike design Price Pfister: $10,000 First Prize in Pfaucet of the Pfuture competition ID Magazine: 2002 Best of Student Concepts Red Dot: 2004 award for Ergon bicycle handgrips done with team at Ergonomidesign

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