Mazda has a total of 84 dealerships. They are divided into those that only own 1 (small), those that own 2 (medium), those that own 3 or more , usually group dealerships (large). For the purpuse of this work we used 5 dealerships per size to analyse their data
We then went on to analyse user pages data - what are the pages the users visit the most based on business size
we then did a card sorting exercise with the dealers to understand what their most important features and key pages and it was also an opportunity to understand what was more valuable and useful to them. Based on that and the data we had we outlined key journeys.
All the information above also allowed us to create the Master template structure (a few options to show the client)
after getting the client's feedback we then went on to create the low fidelity mock up of the pages based on mazda existing modules
After reviewing feedback with the client we created a high fidelity prototype.
Mazda Dealer Websites 84 sites

Mazda dealerships had all their own website until 2021 . The problem with that was that users that will go to the dealer sites from the would see repeated pages and content and imagery and copy was inconsistent. So Mazda briefed us to create 84 websites (one per dealer) that will all sit under the main site. The goal? Streamline the customer journey, reduce complexity, and increase conversion

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Silvia Cassone
UX / UI designer London, United Kingdom