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Hello everyone! 🤗 If you need a design for: ✅ Entertainment industry ✅ Restaurant, cafe & bar ✅ Sports club, shop & events, Fitness ✅ Party ✅ Beauty industry ✅ Medical clinic ✅ Hotel ✅ Kids entertainment & school ✅ Food industry ✅ Fishing industry, navigation & shipbuilding ✅ Tourism then WELCOME! For your business, I can make professional: ⭐ Logo ⭐ Branding ⭐ Poster ⭐ Flyer ⭐ Menu ⭐ Banner for social networks ⭐ Graphic advertising video ⭐ Lettering My name is Ksenia Maximova (Skazka) I have been working as a design specialist since 2006. ❄ I'm a graphic designer based in Murmansk, Russia. ❄ My city is located in the far North, and I am inspired by the beautiful nature of this region. The nick Skazka means "fairytale" in Russian. I love the aesthetics of fairy tale books and fairy illustrations, in addition, there is something fabulous and magical in the nature around me. So I try to bring a drop of magic to any task that I fulfill. As a child, I loved to draw, graduated from art school with a degree in artist, then received higher education in the field of advertising. I am engaged in graphic design since 2006, I love Photoshop, began to master it in 6 years. Experienced in: 💙Adobe Photoshop 💙Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 💙Adobe After Effects 💙Adobe Illustrator I have experience working with customers from: 🌍 Norway 🌍 Thailand 🌍 USA 🌍 Australia 🌍 Moscow 🌍 St. Petersburg and I would like to continue this wonderful experience and be useful to you and make a good design for your awesome company. THANK YOU very much for watching my profile! Have a nice day! 😊

Experience & Education