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Dell is very well known for their OptiPlex commercial line of computers. For 2020, Dell updated their Optiplex line with two new minitowers and softer styling.

The older OptiPlex models used the Pro 1.0 design language. The Pro 1.0 design language was minimal and purposeful. It utilized blocked regions and used an angled diamond pattern for ventilation areas. The Pro 2.0 design language is still purposeful, but has become softer and incorporates a new angled vent pattern.

There was a lot of exploration involved into developing a new vent pattern. In the early phases, many patterns were explored in 2D using Adobe Illustrator.
After reviewing the 2D views, the Dell EDG team explored patterns in 3D. I helped with 3D modeling and rendering for concept presentation.
After reviewing the perf patterns, we pursued with two different types of vent patterns. We looked at how the angled hole
and the floating paddle would look on the premium minitower chassis.
We applied the “angled hole” design direction to the OptiPlex chassis family. The family includes a micro form factor, small form factor, entry level mini tower and premium mini tower.

We explored branding and name placements for the “angled hole” design direction. The branding and name placements has to work successfully as a family.

Branding and name placements options were explored for the “floating paddle” design direction as well.
After reviewing the options, prototypes were made to see how everything looks in reality. The final design is a combination between the left two options, featuring the silver stripe with branding and an I/O island giving more area for ventilation.
The latest OptiPlex towers can come with the latest 10th generation Intel processors, NVIDIA Geforce GTX graphics cards, USB 3.2 Type-A/Type-C ports and plenty of room for expansion. With the right options, it can support graphics intensive peripherals like 3D goggles and multiple 4K monitors. The OptiPlex line offers many options for whatever you need at a good value. OptiPlex has always been one of the most popular lines in Dells product lineup.

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