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The touch encoder knob is one of the most popular items that Grayhill offers. The touch encoder knob contains a touch screen and a rotatable bezel. This technology can replace many buttons and switches in many scenarios.
The construction of the touch encoder is fairly straightforward. It’s waterproof and durable, so it can be used in a variety of applications.

The touch encoder is currently on the market and comes in several options: 1.5” screen, 1.5” flush mounted, 2.1” screen and 2.1” flush mounted.
We looked at many scenarios where the TE can be utilized. I sketched out various scenarios where the touch encoder can eliminate many buttons and switches. A common scenario would be the airplane cockpit and cabin.
Marine is another scenario that can utilize the TE. Here is an example on how the boat dashboard can look by replacing traditional button interfaces with touch encoders.

The touch encoder with touch pad surfaces can be utilized for medical devices and other products.

Construction and agriculture machines often have complex controls. Here is an example on how the touch encoder can replace many buttons and switches on the armrest.
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Grayhill Electronics

Grayhill Electronics was founded in 1943, and has a long history of developing touch encoders, optical encoders and joysticks, rotary switches, keypads, and pushbuttons. They are considered a leader in this industry. I work with Joe Jasinski with helping Grayhill Electronics with design development.

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