The MISTRY N.30 blaster is a clean, futuristic design taking influence from sci-fi blasters and electronics. The next step will be to work with a prototyper to create 3D printed parts.
The Nerf blaster design features a layered effect. The inner housing is cradled within the sculptural outer housing. The blaster features a split design revealing the barrel. The overall design is technical, yet rugged.
From the feedback I received on social media, I included a receiver that can accept existing Nerf butt stocks. From the rear angles, you can see the layered effect between the inner ridged housings and the sculptural outer housings.
Construction is similar to Nerf’s Elite 2.0 blaster with its clamshell construction over the firing mechanism. Screw bosses and locators within the inner housing piece secures the mechanism.
Personal Nerf project

I wanted to create another portfolio project that can help me improve my 3D modeling skills. I chose to model a Nerf blaster after sketching a few designs for the Sketchwars Facebook group. Nerf blasters are a great challenge when it comes to understanding how they work and how they’re put together. The design should be imaginative and fun.

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