Over 18+ years of experience in the area of Art Direction - Graphics Design, Animation & Illustration, Leverage vast experience across Branding, information design and visual communications to enable top line growth for the organization while working in tandem with the sales/ marketing teams. • Versatile Communication professional with vast experience in helping teams develop effective content strategies by working on both a visual and a narrative level • Vast experience in applying design concepts and thinking ideas into sales enablement deliverables that have the ability to articulate compelling messages to customers • Consults with Brand SMEs in order to translate ideas and interpret complex information into clear and compelling visual stories that sell the organization’s proposition • Vast experience in interpreting and improving written information and recognizes opportunity to explain visually • Experience as a SME that keeps organization at the forefront of client communications. Suggests and leads improvements to current graphics design processes, techniques, hardware & software tools and offers strategies on deployment, execution and implementation • Experience in driving the application and continuous improvement of organizational Best Practice Process and Procedures within the graphics design concepts • Experience in regularly applying animation, web-based, video, motion graphics, and audio techniques and applies knowledge to perform multimedia production • Experience in working tandem with a Proposal Writer or Copywriter and together use high-end information design techniques to produce innovative graphics and narrative with powerful messages, easy visual scanning, intuitive & consistent layout, useful context and reference • Experience in supporting, mentoring and pro-actively leading teams through the stages of high-end graphics design


2015 - 2016- Best Mentor Award - for Training & Development , 2014 - Quarter’s Best - for Valuable Team Player, 2013 - Quarter’s Best - for Best Info Designer, 2012 - Long Service Award - for IBM, 2012 - Quarter’s Best - for Seller Satisfaction, 2011 - Year’s Best - for Team Effort in M&M, 2010 - Creative Mind - for Visual Quality of STH, 2010 - Quarter’s Best - for best GD/MM, 2009 - Quarter’s Best - for Project Drishti, 2008 - Year’s Best - for best Designer, 2007 - Best Designer - for Visual/Logo Design, 2006 - Long Service Award – HMM, 2004 - 2005 – Best Visualizer & Animator – HMM, 2002 - Best Illustrator/Designer – NIIT

Experience & Education