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I want them to be taken over by the beauty of the artwork and be overwhelmed with its details, which is why I use such meticulous illustrations in my thesis. The idea behind my thesis has to do with gods and how they relate to nature. Their sheer force and control is what makes them the great gods that they are, so I wanted to tether this idea to a natural, good-for-you energy drink that allows the subject to feel like one of these gods without suffering the repercussions that any other energy drink would give them.
The reasoning for the gods being portrayed as animals is the idea of symbolism to express an idea with minimal information. With this minimalistic theme in mind, I chose a simple, memorable logo and package design for these natural energy drinks. Utilizing these symbols and animals that the gods are represented by stems back to the idea of nature; these gods created the items on their own respective label with illustrations as regal as their tales.

Energy Drink Packaging Study [12012014]
College Thesis Project
One of the dreams I have for myself is to change how people view ‘art’ in relation to the world around them.

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Stephanie White
Art Director // Creative // Ideasmith Philadelphia, PA