Sundara Holistic was extending their line of products and asked me to adapt their existing branding to the round labels for the new larger bottles. Using 3D visualization not only helps the client to envision what it will ultimately look like but is also a useful tool for the designer. Seeing exactly how it will wrap, informs your adjustments more efficiently.
Some of the color variations that were explored.
Ultimately, it was decided to use the logo as a color indicator for each of the various SKUs.
Sundara Holistic Line Extension & Visualization

Line extensions and visualization for Sundara Holistic products.

Client: Sundara Holistic

Services Performed: Design, 3D Renders, Production, Mechanicals

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D

Freelance, Full-time
Steve O'Laughlin
Creative Darien, CT