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Vision GT

Artificial intelligence development is what praposed concept intents to address as it wouldn't be possible to make a self driving car straight out of box as we need to predict anomalies traveling in vectored path,predict the tech behind that particular anomali & driver. So lets say, we'll use a hybrid petrolelectric powertrain and will have eight set of AC induced hubless propellers wheel hybrid,horizontally mounted turbofan will be on the back of the craft,while agile 52 wing at the sides of the plane will propel it on a straight run.It should be capable of supermaneuverability,a feature never seen before in aircrafts which can be translated as the ability to pitch,yaw and roll like insects & its designed for the users in 2025,this air taxi will project all intel onto the alldisplay steering(ideally the latest iPhone) in cockpit canopy,my scenario includes F5225(pic2) and F5278(pic3) will remain a step high from the ones currently under development by companies like Airbus & Boing etc

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Suraj Patel
Product Designer Hyderabad, India