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I am an exceptional product design graduate from National Institute of Design with 8+ CGPA. I am a highly motivated person both at professional and personal life. I have previously worked along with clients like C.K.Birla and InventIndia among others, I am a good team player as well as adore working alone. My projects well represent me however i can provide more elaborated or different work sample if asked(/or in person). (2010)Got enrolled with National Institute of Design. (2010-2012)Freelancing: Trying to get some hands on experience in the industry, with both colleagues and collaborators alike. I found some very interesting sponsors like VIP, Segway and many more. (2012-2014)Invent India: I was involved in client projects as, Godrej(High end water purifier), RIM(Cross networked devices), Glassco(Lab equipment), Invixium(Fingerprint Sensor/Home Automation) and various other Product, UI, UX based projects. (2015)Invent India: Worked extensively on the implications of microwaves in kitchens and vice versa, the idea was to converge tech relating to preparing recipes, for a than focused group of aviators in association with the Institute of Hotel Management, Gandhinagar. (2015)Got placed with C.K.Birla at college campus placement. (2016)C.K.Birla: I was responsible for the development of the top end products, including JCB Earthmovers, Hindustan Motors Cars, Kenwood Home Appliances and Orient Home Appliances. But majorly I was involved in the development of ceiling, wall mounted and table fans which also includes the fastest ceiling fan in the world, Aeroquite. (2017)Freelancing: Was working with a bunch of defence contractors primarily based abroad to miniaturise the phased array RADAR. Also was involved with a then trying to Start Up company whose intent was to disrupt the jewellery making industries primarily based in the Eastern India, relating mainly to the craft sectors of Odisha like Tarakasi. Their vision was to 3D Print loss-form molds for the same, to reduce the cost, time and resources required on the process. (2017-2018)Graduation: Brief of the project was based on personal aviation with a primary focus on the implementation of class 5 autonomy, the content of which are classified as it contains copyrighted materials which are not being used by anyone currently. (2019)Graduated from National Institute of Design. (2019Feb-Present) Fractal Enterprises: I work on Industrial Design, UX, Logos, Animations, Documentation mostly related to NLP, ML and AI. Products yet under process.


B.Des in Product Design


National Institute of Design

Experience & Education
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