NID. A'bad - 7+ years of Coloring with electroplating, powder coating and automotive A-class surfacing, Experiences with materials, All metals like Aluminum(Al), Zinc(Zn), Silicon(Si), Plastics(ABS, poly-Carbons, PVC, Fibers and composites, Nylons) And Finish experience with likes of clients like RIM, Godrej, Segway, LG, Samsung, Foxconn, C.K.Birla and Le Mans with experience and evidence of exceptional ability. - Experience of producing at mass, fans(1crore making a yearly production world record), Light Bulbs(20crore making India 6th largest producer of goods and product), Smartphone(cross networked 5G involving classified tech), smart TVs(User Interaction) and automotive(involving Land speed records, touring, development of critical engine components). - Expertise and understanding of manufacturing processes and materials, involving great teams and some of the most significant professionals in history. - Exceptional visualization and presentation skills. - High color acuity. - Proficient in 3D/CAD(PRO E, SolidWorks, Rhino, AutoCAD, Keyshot and pretty much everything in existence), Photoshop, Illustrator, premiere, aftereffects and Microsoft Office.




national institute of design

Experience & Education