SPAN design language

The SPAN design language represents the core reason I decided to take on the role of Design Manager for accessories.

I attended a sustainability conference in S.F., and suddenly found a new purpose as a designer.

Packaging for the line was entirely inefficient at one point in time, resulting in incredible amounts of PVC and other plastics being used unnecessarily. Products were trying to win a "feature battle", instead of seeking to provide an experience.

The core of the idea of SPAN, rests in the belief that maximized efficiency is the greatest motivator for natural beauty. By trying to save cost, using clever engineering, bridges have become the Iconic landmarks of cities. In the same way, products designed by the fanatical sparing of material, become more beautiful effortlessly.

It was a long-shot of a sales pitch, and it worked. Our team reduced PVC usage by hundreds of thousands of tons in a single stroke - making this the most important design work I've done.

Freelance, Full-time
Daniel Cram
Sr. Industrial Designer San Jose, CA