Image Courtesy of Graham Watson
Image Courtesy of Graham Watson
Image Courtesy of Graham Watson
Surfacemonkey for BELL StarPro

Had the pleasure to work with Gregg Jacobsen, a designer and engineer, on helping bring one of his dreams to fruition.

The StarPro design process is very "BELL", and unlike any other company out there. Instead of using sketches, and working inward, the design began from the surface of the head outward.

The StarPro uses a bifurcated main body, which houses an active-aero system for controlling airflow, as well as a magnetically detaching shield, and a new, low-drag fit system.

A wind tunnel was built on-site specifically for this helmet, and was used daily, for every single part of the development process. A multi-sensor thermal headform was placed inside the wind tunnel, to allow us to test for cooling properties as well as aerodynamic function.

During the process, we also used 3rd party wind tunnel testing, to get our data as accurate as possible.

Several patents are pending from the design of this helmet, and Lars Boom just won stage 5 of the Tour de France in it!

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