I have attempted to translate the tradition of Thangka Applique, the sacred, pictorial narration of Buddhist teachings and tales, into the following print surfaces. The overwhelming yet calming balance of these sacred fabrics has been my source of inspiration.
One of the final prints, derived from the elegant florals and the patterns of the brocade fabrics used in the Thangkas.
Colour ways for the main print.
I have tried to combine different elements like florals, patterns, clouds, waves to create a balanced composition.
Layering different florals to make the surface more dynamic.
Subtle textures and treatments were added to the surfaces.
I also tried to create surfaces using the more unconventional elements like hand gestures and silhouettes of postures.
An indigo colour way was also developed for 2 of the prints for the Denim Collection.

A collection of surfaces for print have been developed here, as part of a classroom project with Arvind Mills, Ahmedabad, India. The brief of the project was to depict, through the medium of print, a craft tradition of India.

Tanvi Kareer
Textile Designer Mumbai, India