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The focus on this page is on the population indices [desktop version]. Clicking on the nation flags shows users the stats of the various countries. The final version has a consistent blue background color. Website: http://houseofwind.com/bric/pop
[Tablet version with 2 rows of indices]
Russia [http://houseofwind.com/bric]
[Tablet version: http://houseofwind.com/bric/pop]
[Low resolution Smartphone version: http://houseofwind.com/bric/pop]
Desktop viewport of the Population indicators section - version 1 [http://www.houseofwind.com/bric/pop]
Section with a few indicators in tile presentation format
Section with country info and map
Snapshot of the Brazil page
Indicator tiles (smartphone / high res viewport)
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BRIC Nations Comparison Responsive Website

The design and development of a responsive website devoted to key indicators (economic, social) for the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) using a responsive tile interface. Use of HTML5, CSS3, Photoshop, Illustrator and Javascript (jQuery).

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Tejdipto Bose
Web and UI Designer and Developer, 2d/3d Graphics Specialist Menlo Park, CA