I was recently responsible for developing the ELOU brand product portfolio in order to boost the company's business growth and reach international markets. The first collection was developed with ESAD-IDEA and support of the marketing and commercial team in identifying target products, channels and markets. I coordinate communication, prototyping and supplier design teams. I was also envolved with certification issues and testing entities. I was responsible for monitoring the start up of production, ensuring compliance with the technical and quality standards of the brand. My main tasks were: - the creative process in the concept development - the management of the product development cycle - the research of suppliers of materials and components, purchases of materials and components for prototypes - the preparation of datasheets and the research of trends, both Design and materials.


Glassberries Design Awards . Silver award and honorable prize by Amorim. "Dás o litro pelo Porto" - 1st prize - official water bottles of the city

Experience & Education