Space Ship inspired by Foundations Edge
Future Intelligence
Nova Kestrel. The fastest land speeder in the outer moons.
AM-31 Unmanned Shuttle. Product of Morgan Aerospace Technologies.
S23 Transport Shuttle. Primarily used as a low planetary orbit transfer vehicle.
Hex Cargo Shuttle. Used for hauling low volume and personalized cargo between LEO (Low Earth Orbit) and Lunar Space.
The Red Thunder
S.S. Leviathan
"Guild Navigator taking a sigh of Prescience". Inspired by the Guild Navigator characters of Frank Herbert's "Dune".
Rebel H-Wing Fighter. Designed for deployment of small scouting groups deep in enemy controlled territories. Primarily used by the Rebel Alliance.
Head of a Policia Robotica, circa 2085, Melilla Spain.
"CornerStone Capsule" Technical Breakdown
"Kuiper Shuttle" Technical Breakdown.
The Desolator is a heavily armored, heavily equipped, bi-pedal war machine. Designed for destruction of enemy fortresses and seizure of high priority strongholds, this machine is a force to be reckoned with.
Wonky Futuristic Fighter Plane - One of the first sketches I ever uploaded to Coroflot.
SciFi Inspired Sketches and Renderings

A collection of sketches and renderings inspired by Science Fiction as well as concepts of my own design.

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Andrew Morgan
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