Citigroup | Citi for you - Logo design for the rebrand of Citigroup's Human Resource department. I conceptualized and designed the new logo Citi for you. Citi for you was established to encourage Citigroup's employees to feel more in touch with the company and all the benefits it has to offer. Features my own handwritten font. Produced at 20nine.
Lehman & Martin LLC - A new logo design for Lehman & Martin LLC, a financial planning and investment management company.
AAPA | American Association of Physical Anthropologists - A proposed logo for the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Produced at 20nine.
Baseball as America - A proposed logo for Baseball as America, an exhibit at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Pa. that showcases America's national pastime and culture. Features custom drawn font. Produced at 20nine.
BIGS | Big Brothers and Big Sisters | Bentley and Penn - A proposed logo for a program developed by Bentley Systems and the University of Pennsylvania that encourages students to become Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Produced at 20nine.
Boenning & Scattergood - A proposed logo for Boenning & Scattergood, a financial management and advisory firm providing clients with financial solutions. The company wanted a simple, modern approach to the new look. Features custom drawn font. Produced at 20nine.
CIT | Power to Be - A proposed logo for CIT's HR department. Power to Be was established to help organize all benefits offered to CIT employees. Features my own handwritten font. Produced at 20nine.
DoubleTrac - Logo design for a new product from Omegaflex, a world-class manufacturer of flexible metallic piping products. Doubletrac is a revolutionary flexible piping system that offers a unique double-wall protection. Doubletrac was introduced to the petroleum industry in November 2007. Produced at 20nine.
Etoolbox - A proposed logo for Etoolbox which provides an online subscription to vehicle specific online technical information. The subscription program is offered on a monthly basis in two levels, PRO and DIY. Produced at 20nine.
HandySourcing - Logo design for Handysourcing, the new name of Handicrafters' production services which provides employment opportunities for people with disabilities and helps them realize their true potential. Produced at 20nine.
Iron Trough Apple Cider Seal - Iron Trough Crabapple Cider is a proposed logo seal for a product line series/packaging piece for 20nine design studios; targeting the beverage industry. Produced at 20nine.
The Liberty Medal - A proposed logo for the Liberty Medal, awarded by the National Constitution Center of the United States to recognize leadership in the pursuit of freedom. Features my own handwritten font. Shown is the logo by itself and the logo locked up with the National Constitution Center logo. Produced at 20nine.
MEDecision | Nexalign and Alineo - Proposed typographic logos for two new products for Medecision's Healthcare Management Software packages. Produced at 20nine.
Pecora | NST Product Series - Logo design for Pecora Corporation's 890 NST product packaging line. Pecora Corporation is a leading U.S. manufacturer of sealants and adhesives to the building products industry. Produced at 20nine.
Princeton Healthcare - A proposed logo for Princeton Regional Hospital. Princeton Regional is a leading provider of Healthcare services supported by advanced technology and an outstanding medical staff. Produced at 20nine.
Sowbelly Crabapple Cider - Sowbelly Crabapple Cider is a product line series/packaging piece done for 20nine design studios; targeting the beverage industry. Produced at 20nine.
Tracy Jackson Identity - My own identity mark. Features my own handwritten font.
Zahav Restaurant - A proposed logo for Zahav (hebrew for gold), a restaurant in Philadelphia featuring Israeli-Mediterranean cuisine. Features custom drawn font. The icon of the flame represents Zahav's unique way of cooking their food over open fire and in woodburning ovens. Produced at 20nine.
OneWord Translation - Logo design for OneWord Translation, a company that specializes in English/Japanese Translation for companies nationally and internationally. The logo mark was custom designed featuring my own handwritten font. Produced at 20nine.
Watermarke Church - A proposed logo for the Watermarke Church. Features custom drawn font.
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