Lit Motors C-1

Introducing the worlds first fully-enclosed, self-balancing, electric, two-seat two-wheeled transportation device. Combining the freedom and efficiency of a motorcycle with the safety and convenience of a car, the C-1 creates an innovative new segment for the future of our mobility. This vehicle targets aging motorcyclists and daily commuters, providing a transportation experience that is both familiar yet entirely unique. Centrally-mounted gyroscopes provide balance and stability for this human-centered transportation device.

This project was undertaken when I came on-board as a transportation designer for Lit Motors during 2011. Given proof of technology, I established the human envelope and design language, producing a full scale presentation model.

I left Lit Motors in Dec 2011 to return to Sweden and execute my MA Thesis.

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TJ Vaninetti
Industrial Design Manager - Collins Aerospace Seattle, WA