Selected photos from the 2014 Vancouver BMO Marathon highlighting use and disposal of throwaway race apparel. Photo from the 2014 Vancouver Scotiabank Marathon showing the current paradigm of carrying reusable outerwear.
Brainstorming thumbnails for different methods of carrying packed apparel on the body.
Further ideation of jacket-carrying concepts.
Refinement of two selected concepts.
STOWAWAY Packable Running Jacket

STOWAWAY is a lightweight running jacket designed to be packed into itself while on the move.

STOWAWAY was designed as a sustainable alternative to the throwaway outerwear that is currently worn before distance running events and shed along their courses. It self-stows, so it doesn't require you to wear a bag or have a spare pocket to carry it. And it can be packed up in motion, so you never have to stop running.

Wear the STOWAWAY jacket while warming up and pack it away as your temperature rises. Don it again when your run is finished to keep your core temperature up and reduce your susceptibility to illness.

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Topher Wong
Softgoods Designer, Apparel Designer, Industrial Designer Vancouver, Canada