I am Toshana Krishna James, a senior student, majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts (UMass Amherst). In 2012, I had interned with Danahar Corp, at the Jacobs Vehicles Systems plant in Bloomfield, CT. While there, I resolved manifold test-stand false reject failures by redesigning the test-stand and implementing design changes which resulted in an increased production by 13,000 manifolds annually. I also conducted Push-Out Force study on Navistar master pistons and implemented a new work order to reduce scrap rate during assembly, and modified the assembly process for solenoids in brakes which resulted in reducing possibilities of field failures. In 2013, I interned for three months with Northfire Recording Studio as sound engineer. This valuable exposure taught me much sound engineering and it also fueled my passion (I am a avid musician). Later in the same year, I interned as a Teaching Assistant at the University where I assisted in teaching Electrical Engineering 112 M5 Lab course. My Professor, T Baird Soules, in his recommendation letter had this to say about me: 'Toshana's uncommon combination of superior communication skills, creativity and technical competence place him in a strong position to make a significant contribution to your technical team.' As a personal project, I took up the redesign of the IC engine and was able to come up with an innovative crankshaft design, which I am in the process of prototyping, testing and patenting. I would say I am an 'Artist-Engineer' who likes to tinker and innovate. I am a conceptual thinker with strong mechanical aptitude and excellent drawing skills. I also play and compose electronic music.


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