Jola Honey Mix

To make the honey more desirable for a younger target audience, the client came up with an idea of ??producing honey mixtures — they are as healthy as traditional honey, but have a spark of taste due to the added natural ingredients: juices, spices, nuts, etc. Our agency has developed a simple and memorable brand name "JOLA" which is a derivative from the Ukrainian word [bdzhola] meaning "bee" in English. In addition to the chosen visual language, a solution of another practical problem is implemented: the product is introduced in three different packages to the benefit of mobility. Such a serving makes the product discernible for a consumer who keeps up with the times. It makes the product unforgettable for a consumer whose nutrition culture is firmly connected with the genuine joy and the experience of true aesthetic pleasure. Together with JOLA we glorify hedonism. Enjola yourselves!

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