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http://toughslatedesign.com/ ————————————— All Illusions Are To Be Used ————————————— The Illusion distorts reality, making us first being puzzled then inspired. These moments of the inspiration are the most worthy in building brand perception. People, inspired by the brand are the best consumers ever. And we have to entertain them again and again. Giving them more illusions to play with. Zero Entropy Approach ——————————— Entropy, the extent of disorder, grows with the number elements involved in the system, To make our processes more effective, we eliminate all unnecessary functions such as account managers, traffic managers, producers etc. we do 100% of project work in-house. no freelancers, no outsource. zero-entropy approach lets a client reduce costs without any loss of quality of the overall result.


250+ awards on local and international festivals including Cannes Lions, Eurobest, Epica, ADC*E, Golden Drum. Golden Hammer, IFCC Croatia, Moscow International Festival, ADC*UA, Kiev International Festival, White Square, Idea, Popok etc.

Experience & Education